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What is $25 FOR Nonprofits?
When the first 1,000 customers sign up and make their first purchase, The FOR Project will give $25 to their nonprofit through our $25 FOR nonprofits program. The FOR Project is committed to using our marketing dollars to raise money for nonprofits.

Can I direct merchant discounts to any nonprofit?
You can direct your merchant discount to any registered 501(c)( 3) nonprofit organization per The FOR Project's Terms and Conditions.

Can I change my designated nonprofit?
You can change your non-profit on a monthly basis.

Can I support more than one nonprofit at at time?
You can only give to one non-profit at a time.

Can I track the merchant discounts that I've directed to my nonprofit?
Yes, in your 'My Account' page you can track your donations.

Does the nonprofit I chose know who I am?
You may opt-in to have your contact information shared with your selected non-profit. This opt-in is located on your "My Account" page.

When do nonprofits receive their donations?
We distribute funds to nonprofits on a quarterly basis when they reach a total of $50 in donations. If a nonprofit does not reach this amount their funds will be distributed annually.

Why is The FOR Project a LLC?
Being a LLC allows us the most freedom to maximize dollars given to nonprofits.
Card Linked Giving
Will linking my debit or credit card impact my current miles or rewards through my credit card company or bank?
No. All your rewards, points, miles, cash back, etc… remain fully intact.
If your registered credit card or debit card is linked to another Rewards Network dining program, those rewards willl transfer to The FOR Project.

How is my credit or debit card information kept safe?
Our site is tested and certified daily to pass the Hacker Safe Security Scan. We are enrolled in Trustwave's Trusted Commerce program to validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandated by all the major credit card associations including: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide, Visa, Inc. and Visa Europe. And through Network solutions, we are validated for secure online transactions.

Can I change my linked credit or debit card at anytime?

Can I have more than one card linked to my account?
You can link as many cards that you like.

What should I do if my transaction does not appear after 30 days?
Transactions can sometimes take longer than 10 business days so we ask that you wait 30 days to notify us of a missing transaction. If the transaction has still not appeared after 30 days please send us the following information to investigate the transaction:
  • Username.
  • Proof of purchase (receipt) that shows the payment card used for the transaction and the transaction date. Receipts will typically show last 4 digits of your card number and this is sufficient.
  • Name as it appears on your linked card.
  • Confirmation the card was successfully linked at the time of the transaction. A screenshot or print out of the “Manage your credit & debit cards” screen is sufficient.

Is there a waiting period between when I register with The FOR Project and when I can make my first eligible transaction?
Please allow up to 24 hours for your credit card to register before making a purchase at a participating merchant.

What happens if I make a return on a purchase with a participaiting merchant?
If you make a return, the donation amount on your transaction history will net out to a $0 donation.

Will I be notified every time I make a purchase at a participating merchant?
Yes, transactions typically take 7 to 10 business days to post, at which time you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I find out about new merchants participating with The FOR Project?
All participating merchant information is updated on our website on a regular basis.

Can users with matching credit card numbers have separate accounts?
Not at this time. However they can add a different credit or debit card to create their own account.

How can I get a FOR Project trucker's hat?
Email us and we will send you info.

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